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Gold Tycoon Rides Crest of Asian Boom

January 6, 2012

The Wall Street Journal, Saturday/Sunday, December 31, 2011


Gold Tycoon Rides Crest of Asian Boom, Jason Chow

“When $2  billion in IPO proceeds landed in his family’s bank account in mid-December, Cheng Yu-Tung emerged as one of the richest men in Asia, with a $16 billion fortune built on the twin commodities that drive China–gold and land…

Mr. Cheng’s fortune has closely tracked the ups and downs of China, where he has invested for 30 years.  While he has long been considered one of Hong Kong’s tycoons, the recent boom in China propelled him to the very top of Asia’s wealthiest families,…”

Mr. Cheng caught a great wave, not on a surfboard, but of gold and land.