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The Pitch: Want to Buy a Private Stock?

September 11, 2012


Saturday/Sunday, September 8-9, 2012

BUSINESS & FINANCE:  The Intelligent Investor, by Jason Zweig

Want to Buy a Private Stock?

“…On Aug. 29, the Securities and exchange Commission (SEC) proposed a rule permitting private issuers (of stocks) to promote offerings to the general investing public for the first time.  

Under the Dodd-Frank financial-overhaul law of 2010 and the Jobs Act of 2012, Congress required the SEC to study how knowledgeable the investing public is and, at the same time, to allow private companies to market there securities to anyone they care to pitch to. Once the rule goes into effect, probably in  few months, every Tom, Dick and Harry can be pitched on stakes in …offerings that long have been sold privately under an exemption to the federal securities laws, known as Regulation D.” 

This is baseball season when many games are determined by the pitchers as well as the batters.  The idiom pitch  is used in Hollywood to pitch ideas, and also by investment firms.