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A.I.G. Boss Wins Suit But Loses The War

June 16, 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A.I.G. Boss Wins Suit But Loses The War, by Aaron M. Kessler

Washington–“When Maurice R. Greenburg, the former chief executive of the American International Group, brought a class-action lawsuit against the government in 2011, contending that the Federal Reserve overstepped its bounds when it bailed out his company at the height of the financial crisis, the  reaction was mainly befuddlement and outright ridicule…

But as the bench trial unfolded over nearly two months, Mr. Greenberg’s legal team, led by the prominent litigator David Boes, kept chipping away at witness after witness in pursuit of its own thesis: that the Fed had acted beyond its legal authority.  By the time the trial concluded, many legal experts had moved the case from a slam-dunk for the government to too close to call…

Mr. Greenberg’s legal team had been outspoken about the case being less about the financial crisis, and A.I.G. in particular, than it was about the limits of (federal) executive power.”

We in the U.S. are now in the NBA (National Basketball Association) final playoffs between the California Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland (Ohio) Cavaliers. Slam dunk is an idiom for a definitive, dramatic two points for the player’s team.  In this article, it means a sure thing.  For more information about slam-dunk go to and click on search idiom for “slam-dunk.”

The title, “A.I.G. Wins Suit But Loses the War” is based on a common idiomatic phrase: won the battle, but lost the war.