Macron Urges Silicon Valley to Comply

French president asks tech firms to follow Europe’s regulations on taxes and privacy, by

Sam Schechner

PARIS—May 25, 2018

“French President Emmanuel Macron ratcheted up demands on U.S.  tech giants Thursday by calling on them to embrace European regulations, ranging from taxation to privacy to artificial intelligence, because Washington is failing to do so.

The U.S. model is no longer sustainable because there is no political accountablility,” Mr. Macron said at a technology conference in Paris just hours before Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg took the same stage…

Mr. Macron repeatedly complained that some big tech companies don’t pay enough income taxes by using legal structures to shift profits to lower-tax countries  He said he would to continue to fight for a French proposal that the European Union levy a tax on large tech companies’ digital revenue to level the playing field—even though the proposal has had trouble garnering the unanimity among EU nations that it would need to become law…”

The sports metaphor/idiom is level the playing field, or making the negotiations fairer to all.

To see a more extended discussion, please go to “www.sports idioms,” and write in the above idiom.






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