Surfing to Success

The Economist, August 13, 2016

The leisure economy

Surfing to Success: Quality waves create a surge in economic activity.

Quality waves bring surfers who need somewhere to sink a cold beer and snooze. Nearby towns also get a boost as surfers roll in for suppplies or, for the less talented, medical care.  The better the waves are, the greater the surge in economic activity–but only to a point.  The biggest, purest breakers are suitable only for pros (or novices with scant regard for personal safety). 

Waves, it turns out, are no drop in the ocean.  High-quality waves, the authors (Thomas McGregor and Samual Wills of Oxford University) estimate, generate economic activity worth $50 billion per year globally.  That’s around @420million annually for each place with good surf.  

According Messrs McGregor and Wills, to catch the economic benefits, countries need stable politics and a decent business environment…”



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