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A Faceoff: A Clash of Religious and Business Interests in Georgia

March 29, 2016

A  New York Times, Wednesday, March 23, 2016


A Faceoff:  A Clash of Religious and Business Interests in Georgia

Governor Faces Heat on Bill to Aid Opponents of Same-Sex Marriage, by Alan Blinder

Atlanta–“The Georgia General Assembly’s approval of a proposal to strengthen legal protections for opponents of same-sex marriage has set in motion a high-stakes show down that has drawn some of the nation’s most influential companies into a battle between gay rights activists and religious conservatives.

The bill, which approved on Sunday, now faces the scrutiny of Governor Nathan Deal, a Republican.  But it is clear that companies and sports organizations, including Apple, Coda-Cola, Delta Air lines  and the National Football league, will have a significant effect on public debate and the governor’s decision to sign or veto the measure.

The face-off playing out here in the Deep South’s most visible city, where residents are most often at odds with a largely rural state, is posed to emerge as one of the most consequential tests of political power on gay rights issues since the United States supreme court decision last summer that recognized a constitutional right to same-sex marriage.

A face-off is basically a confrontation.  In sports, in the games of LaCrosse and ice hockey, the two teams have a face-off at the beginning of a game when an official drops a puck between two opposing players.


Opening Next Frontier in Political Hardball

March 20, 2016

New York Times National, Monday, February 15, 2016

NEWS ANALYSISOpening Next Frontier In Political Hardball, by Emily Bazelon

“It takes no feat of imagination to guess how the debate about replacing (Supreme Court) Justice Scalia, who died unexpectedly on Saturday, will take shape.  Within a couple of hours of his death, Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader joined by fellow Republicans like Ted Cruz, said that Justice Scalia’s seat on the United States Supreme Court should remain vacant until after the November presidential election.

It’s called delay, delay, delay,” Donald J. Trump said at the opening of the presidential debate on Saturday night.  Harry Reid, the Senate minority leader, countered that it would be “unprecedented in recent history” for the Supreme Court to go a year without a full complement of justices.  Before the evening was over, President Obama promised to nominate a successor, saying he expected a timely Senate vote.”

Baseball has two balls, hard and soft.  The Big League Baseball teams play with hard balls.  The implied connotation of “Political Hardball” is that the Republicans and Democrats will play hard to deny a vote or get a justice confirmed.


Should Obama Drive the Ball Up the Middle

March 20, 2016

New York Times, Saturday. March 19, 2016


“This wasn’t the time for compromise. With Trump and Cruz fighting for the nomination, Democrats and Obama should drive the ball hard up the middle and quit trying to be cute and clever. “

Principia in St. Louis reacting to President Obama’a selection of Merrick Garland as a nominee for the Supreme Court.

A drive up the middle is an aggressive move in baseball, and a suggestion for President Obama.  As an idiom, it is similar to “play hard ball.”