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Game Changer: Could Beijing Finally Accept Taiwan?

November 15, 2015

Wall Street Journal, Saturday/Sunday, November 14-15, 2015



Could Beijing Finally Accept Taiwan?

“After a historic surprise meeting with the leader of Taiwan, Xi Jinping could go down in history for recognizing the island democracy-or choose conflict instead,” by Andrew Browne

The meeting between the presidents of mainland China and Taiwan in Singapore last weekend may signal a change in a relationship that has existed for 65 years, since 1949: a game changer.

Tom Brady Punts on Deflategate

November 13, 2015

The New York Times, Friday, November 6, 2015

Men’s Style

Tom Brandy Punts on Deflategate, but is happy to discuss his new Swiss watch, by Alex Williams

“The New England Patriots quarterback has a rifle of a right arm and now has something to brag about on his left wrist, thanks to TAG Heuer…

Given that Mr. Brady’s image is the cornerstone of the new contract, it seemed obligatory to acknowledge Deflategate (the controversy over deflating Patriot footballs). Even though his suspension was ultimately overturned, his sterling image took a hit.

Asked about his rough year, he cocked his head in a gesture of sincerity, squared his shoulders and, without the tiniest pause, eased into the soothing, patient tone of a father imparting wisdom to a young son.

‘I have a process that works for me,’ he said. ‘I look around admire different athletes because they don’t crack under pressure, those guys you always look to, you go, ‘Man, look at that poise, look at the attitude, look at the confidence.’

TAG Heuer’s marketing slogan, by the way, is ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure.”

Touchdown, Brady.

Brady did not want to discuss his problems with the NFL (National Football League) about allegations about over inflated footballs and so he punted to avoid discussion.  Making a few points in the interview, he scored “a touchdown.”

A Mets Usher for Five Decades Keeps His Eye on the Ball, and the Stands

November 5, 2015

The New York Times, Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Mets Usher for Five Decades Keeps His Eye on the Ball and the Stands, by Corey Kilgannon

Showing fans to their seats since Shea Stadium opened in 1964

“Luke Gasparre is one of the most popular ushers at Citi Field in Queens, but he becomes even more popular during those rare seasons when the Mets manage to make the playoffs, as they last did in 2006.” People called Gasparre before the playoffs and asked for tickets.  “He said: Sorry, I can’t do nothing.  I got to play the game straight.”

“Mr. Gasparre has been a Mets usher since Shea Stadium opened in 1964.  ‘Back then, the team was so bad, a lot of people gave up their seats,’ he recalled….I told them, ‘Just have hope, and someday we’ll pull through.  And, sure enough, look where we are now.”

Well, the Mets lost the World Series to Kansas, but they were good.  Perhaps next year.