U.S.Export-Import Bank Supporters Want a Level Playing Field

The Wall Street Journal, Saturday/Sunday October 10-11, 2015


Trade Bank Renewal Gets Push Forward, by Nick Timiroas and Kristina Peterson

WASHINGTON– “A majority of House lawmakers took a rare procedural vote to force a vote later this month on reauthorizing the U.S. Export-Import Bank, a blow to conservative Republicans who want to close the trade bank….

Some 42 Republicans joined with Democrats to reach the 218 signatures needed to force a vote that would renew the Ex-Im Bank’s charter for four more years.  Supporters of the bank say it keeps U.S. firms on a level playing field against foreign competitors that enjoy similar support from their governments; opponents say it puts taxpayers at risk and allows the government to pick winners and losers.”

No one wants a tilted field in playing games, serious games of finance.





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