“Hillary Clinton on the Other Side of the Ball”

The New York Times OP-ED Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Great Defender, by David Brooks

“All descriptions of her campaign have to start with the fact that for most of Clinton’s political career she has been playing defense… Even when she ran for president in 2008, she was on the defense against the Obama tide.   She campaigned best when the Obama tide was strongest and she was forced to struggle against it.

This pattern of playing on the defensive side of the ball has given her real strengths–she has endured and persevered and rarely bent.  But this defensive posture has given her, at least in public an embattled combative posture, and sometimes an air of reactiveness…

This linebacker mentality means she is strong when she talks about defending say Social Security, and she has no illusions about foreign affairs…

She’s still the prohibitive favorite to get the nomination, but we have yet to see if she can play offense…”

Linebackers play defense in American football.



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