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Hilary Clinton Forced to Play Defense

August 30, 2015

The New York Times NATIONAL Friday, August 28, 2015

Democrats See an Email Issue That Won’t Die: Concern That Clinton’s Response Falls Short, by Patrick Healey, Jonathan Martin and Maggie Huberman

“Democrat leaders are increasingly frustrated by Hillary Rodham Clinton’s failure to put to rest questions about her State Department email practices and ease growing doubts among voters about her honesty and trustworthiness…that she is not treating it seriously enough…

‘They’ve handled the email issue poorly, maybe atrociously, certainly horribly,’ said Edward G. Rendell, a former governor of Pennsylvania and a supporter of Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy. ‘The campaign has been incredibly tone-deaf, not seeing this as a more serious issue.  She should have turned over the email server at the start, because they should have known they’d be forced to give it up. But at this point, there’s nothing they can do to kill the issue–they’re just playing defense.”

Mrs. Clinton has lost control of this issue and is on the defensive.


Is Qualcomm’s Playbook Changing?

August 15, 2015

New York Times, BUSINESS

Thursday, July 20, 2015

As Income Drops, Qualcomm Announces Job and Spending Cuts, by Quentin Hardy

SAN FRANCISCO–“Qualcomm had one of the best playbooks in tech, but it looks like the game is changing.

The semiconductor designer and maker helped develop much of the technology used in mobile communications, particularly smart phones. With a market capitalization of $100 billion, over the last 15 years it became the world’s third-largest chip company in terms of revenue.

Little of that was on display Wednesday, when Qualcomm reported loser earnings, and under pressure from Wall Street, announced it would cut about 15 percent of its staff, or somewhere between 4.500 t0 5,000 people.

Spending will be reduced by 1.4 billion…”

Playbooks are corporate or team strategies.

Putting the Pitch in the Palm of Your Hande

August 15, 2015

New York Times, Thursday, July 30, 2015


Putting the Pitch in the Palm of Your Hand, by Kit Eaton ”

“Getting a leg up on the world of soccer with apps that deliver updates, opinions and diversions.”

Pitch here is a noun.  In the previous posting pitch is a verb: “I am woman, hear me pitch.”   The word pitch is from baseball in the U.S. and means to throw a baseball or describe a pitch.  The idiomatic form of pitch is advertising.


Bush Turns Up Heat in Iowa

August 15, 2015

The Wall Street Journal, Saturday/Sunday, August 15-16, 2015


Bush Tries to Turn Up Heat in Iowa, by Reid J. Epstein

DES MOINE, Iowa–“At 62 years old, Jeb Bush is still willing to test his fastball. While gripping a baseball at the Iowa State Fair, the former Florida governor announced a goal of 50 mph.  As he whizzed the ball through a canyon of inflated prizes, the radar gun spoke the truth: 44 mph.  He tried again: 47.

Whether Mr. Bush can bring the heat to his Republican presidential campaign is a nagging question that now hangs over his candidacy.”

Mr. Bush is trying to put the heat on his fastball race for the Republican nomination for president of the United States as well as on a pitch at the Iowa State Fair.  His fast balls at the fair were strikes, balls over the plate.

He is trying to strike out the other potential Republican nominees.

There are a lot of baseball idioms in the news these days as it is baseball season in the U.S.

Tom Brady as a Pitchman

August 13, 2015

New York Times, Thursday, August 8, 2015

UNBUTTONED, by Vanessa Friedman

Taking Stock of Tom Brady

“Amid Deflatgate, the quarterback’s image as been tarnished.  But how much will it matter?”

“Whatever happens, there’s another potential for upside: Given the style world’s penchant for the reinvention of high name value, morally challenged stars, it’s possible his (Brady’s) current situation could actually make him more interesting as a pitchman to this particular sector (the fashion world), rather than less.  Fashion does like a bit of black, after all.

The term pitchman is used for ad men and for carnival hustlers.  Tom Brady promotes products, as well as most famous athletes.


August 13, 2015

The New York Times, July 24, 2015

Weekend Arts

I am Woman, Hear Me Pitch, by Mike Hale

“As Caitlyn Jener continues to live out her well-documented gender transition, there’s one area in which she has returned to her heyday as Bruce Jenner, Olympic champion.  Once again she’s a polished, effective pitch-woman, selling acceptance and transgender pride as capably as she once sold breakfast cereal.”