U.S. Golf Open and TV Rights. Who Has the Home Run?

“Fox’s acquisiton of Open (TV) rights was a bit of a shock.  NBC wanted to retain them and thought it had.  So did ESPN.  According to a Golf Digest article, the presentation by NBC officials to the United States Golf Association in June 2013 was a home run, including an appearance on the network’s behalf by Arnold Palmer.  NBC and ESPN were planning to double what they were paying.

But by August, that equation had changed. The U.S.G.A. saw even biger money coming from Fox and a promise of innovation:” perhaps “drones,  graphics, its ball tracers, its virtual reality and its microphones at the bottom of each of the 18 holes. ”

A home run is a baseball idiom where the batter hits a ball so hard he can run all the bases to home and score a run for his team.



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