Republicans: “The Ball Is In Your Court”

The New York Times, Thursday, November 6, 2014


The Messages of the Midterm Election

To the Editor, by Steve Zane

“…For the Republicans, I have one bit of advice: Be careful what you wish for.  The ball is in your court.  Are you sure your constituents want you to roll back the Affordable Care Act, now that many have insurance for the first tie in years (or just the first time)? Are you sure you want to be tough on immigration?  Roll back Roe v. Wade?  Repeal gay rights?”

The ball is in your court is an idiom/metaphor from court games, such as tennis or court tennis.  If the ball is in your court, you need to return the ball into the opponent’s court or lose the point.  In politics, as in this case, one needs to be careful how one returns the ball, how the issues will resolve.

To read more, go to and search this idiom, or search on the “All Posts” page using the idiom.  There is one besides this; “the ball lands in the team owner’s court.”



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