China’s Trump Card?

The Wall Street Journal: Saturday/Sunday, October 25-26


“With a far-ranging fleet of new submarines, China is rattling Asia’s balance of power, challenging the U.S. and risking an undersea contest.  Echoes of Tom Clancey and the Cold War?

One Sunday morning last December, China’s defense ministry summoned military attaches from several embassies to its monolithic Beijing headquarters.

To the foreigners’ surprise, the Chinese said that one of their nuclear powered submarines would soon pass through the Strait of Malacca, a passage between Malaysia and Indonesia that carries much of world trade, say people briefed on the meeting.

Two days later, a Chinese attack sub–a so-called hunter-killer, designed to seek out and destroy enemy vessels–slipped through the strait above water and disappeared.  It resurfaced near Sri Lanka and then in the Persian Gulf, …before returning through the strait in February–the first known voyage of a Chinese sub to the Indian Ocean.

The message was clear:  China had fulfilled its four-decade quest to join the elite club of countries with nuclear subs that can ply the high seas…

China’s increasingly potent and active sub force represents the rising power’s most significant military challenge yet for the region. ‘This is our trump card that makes our motherland proud, and our adversaries terrified,‘ wrote China’s Navy Chief.”

Please see trump card in the previous blog or go to and search “trump card.”  Clearly, by using this games’ idiom, the Navy Chief states that the submarines are an important empowering addition to the Chinese fleet.




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