Leveling the Fields: College and Student Preparation

Two New York Times articles, one on the OP-ED page: September 1, 2014,  and a number of Letters to the Editor, September 2, 2014 address these issues:

Is Your Student Prepared for Life, by Ben Carpenter

There are quite a few suggestions in this article and in Mr. Carpenter’s book, “The Bigs: The Secrets Nobody Tells Student and Young Professionals.”

Among the suggestions is this: “Career Training is also an issue of equal opportunity.  Some students receive advice and professional contacts at home, but some receive nothing.  Comprehensive career training would help level the playing field.”

The title of the Letters to the Editor section of the editorial page is Leveling the College Playing Field,  a section of letters in response to an article on August 20, 2014, “Generation Later, Poor Still Rare at Elite Colleges.”

Leveling the field seems to be the idiom of choice these days.  No explanation is needed as the metaphor really summarizes the ideas in the  article and the letter.  If in doubt, please look at previous blogs.



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