London Trains for Post-Olympic Hurdle

The Wall Street Journal, Wednesday, August 15, 2012


London Trains for Post-Olympic Hurdle, by Alice Sperit

LONDON–The flame no longer burns inside London’s Olympic Stadium, but property developers still are hoping that the Summer Games will ignite the moribund housing market in the neighboring area.

The idiom here is hurdle, from track and field sports.  One has to jump over the hurdles on a track.  Apparently, the British government did well with their hurdles turning the old Olympic Park into the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for residents.

Monday, June 23, 2014:  From the online ad for the reconfigured Olympic Park:

“The same size as Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens combined and the biggest new park to open in London for a century, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is the one of the most ambitious developments the capital has ever seen. Now, almost two years after London was taken over by Olympic fever, the park has just reopened for public use and the ambitious plans for its legacy can be finally put to the test. The park has received a facelift to make it a green and spacious environment: 4,300 new trees have been planted and four new outdoor spaces added on top of the miles of waterways, acres of woods and habitats for wildlife. From the nature and mountain biking trails to the Olympic pool, we look at the what’s on offer in the capital’s newest playground.”

In addition, there are the following spaces:  A velopark for cyclists; a multi-use sports arena; a hockey and tennis facility, as well as “The Orbit,” the largest sculpture in Great Britain,  a great looking cafe and playground.





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