Trumping in Ice Hockey

The New York Times SPORTS Thursday, April 24, 2014

Brains and Brawn Are Trumping Red Wings’ Speed, by Joanne C, Gerstner


“The Bruins have concertedly disrupted the Red Wings, outscoring them, 7-1, in consecutive wins.  The Red Wings have been shut out in four straight periods and have failed to score on nine power plays in the series.  The Bruins have pushed Detroit’s forwards to the outside, away from their star goaltender, Tuukka Rask.

‘You know nothing comes easy in the playofffs; it’s about continuing to do the hard work and being smart,’ Bruins left wing Wilan Luric said. ‘We’re playing smart right now, and we know what we have to do against a team as talented as Detroit.  We’re taking nothing for granted; we’re only up, 2-1.”

…”Detroit has found its speed neutralized, with Boston winning every key matchup…”

The Boston Bruins are trumping the Detroit Red Wings now according to the article.  The term trump is used in all sorts of games, but normally in the card game of Bridge, where a card suit is declared “trump” in the opening bids. Here it is an idiom.



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