When May I Shoot a Student?

When May I Shoot a Student? by Greg Hampikian, Professor of Biology and Criminal Justice at Boise State University

Boise, Idaho

“To the chief counsel of the Idaho State Legislature:

In light of the bill premitting guns on our state’s college and university campuses, which is likely to be approved by the state House of Representatives in the coming days, I have a matter of practical concern that I hope you can help with: When may I shoot a student?

I am a biology professor, not a lawyer, and I had never considered bringing a gun to work until now  But since many of my students are likely to be armed, I thought I would be a good idea to even the playing field.

This is a satirical piece in a sense, but very serious about the repercussions of guns and college students.  Professor  Hampikian ends the piece with: ” I want to applaud the Legislature’s courage.  On a final note: I hope its members will consider an amendment for bulletproof office windows and faculty body armor in Boise State blue and orange.”



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