Over the Tips of Its Skis

The New York Times National Friday, February 28, 2014

Day After Veto, Arizona Takes Up Abortion Clinics, by Fernando Santos

On Wednesday, “Demonstrators in Phoenix hailed the veto of a bill viewed as biased against gays…” On Thursday the House of Representatives introduced a “new piece of social legislation that would permit the surprise inspection of abortion clinics in the state”…A vote is postponed until next week.

The Center for Arizona Policy, has been behind several pieces of social legislation, including the above.  Cathi Herrod is president of the group. Chuck Coughlin an important advisor to Governor Brewer of Arizona, “said in an interview that he had told Ms. Herrod that her organization was ‘over the tip of it skis,’ on the verge of losing relevance because of its ‘very narrow social agenda.”

This is the second skiing metaphor this week.  It is skiing season and metaphors seem to crop up with the season.  If one goes over the tips of skiis, one usually falls.



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