Brain Science: Skating to Where the Puck Is?

The New York Times:  Science Times, Tuesday, February 25, 2010

The Brain’s Inner Language:

Decoding the mind requires learning what the neurons are saying to one another, by James Gorman

Seattle-Clay Reid, formerly a professor at Harvard Medical School, left to “become a senior investigator at the Allen Institute for Brain Science in 2012…’It wasn’t a remotely hard decision,’ Dr. Reid said. He wanted to mount an all-out investigation of part of the mouse brain…the institute was already mapping the mouse brain in fantastic detail, and specialized in the large-scale accumulation of information in atlases and databases available to all science.

Now it was expanding, and trying to merge its semi-industrial approach to data gathering with more traditional science driven by individual investigators, by hiring scientists like Christof  Koch from the California Institute of Technology as chief scientific officer in 2011 and Dr. Reid. As senior investigator, he would lead a group of about 100, and work with scientists, engineers and technicians in other groups…”

Dr. Davi Bock, one of Dr. Reid’s former students, said “his experience suggested that Dr. Reid had not only a passion and intensity for research, but a good eye for where science is headed, as well. ‘That’s what Clay does,’ he said. ‘He is really good in that Wayne Gretzky way of skating to where the puck is.

In ice hockey, offensive players need to skate to the  puck (a hard, round rubber disk) to go for a goal.  Defensive players and the goalies need to defend so the puck doesn’t go into their goal.

This is a new metaphor for me for goal oriented action.



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