Wary Stance From Obama

News Analysis: Wary Stance From Obama, by Peter Baker

Departure From Bush in Ukraine Response

Washington–Ukrainians were toppling a government aligned with Russia: “It was an invigorating moment, and it spurred the president and his staff to rethink their approach to the world.  This was a different decade and a different president. Whereas President Bush was inspired by the Orange Revolution of 2004 and vowed to promote democracy, Barack Obama has approached the revolution of 2014 with a more clinical detachment aimed at avoiding instability…

‘I just think this president is not going to lean forward on his skis with regard to democracy promotion,’ said John Lewis Gaddis, a Yale University historian who advised the Bush White House… ‘If anything, he’s going to lean back and let natural forces take us there, if they do.”

As far as I know, this is a new metaphor for holding back and not rushing forward.



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