Is Governor Christie Playing Hardball?

New York Times, Thursday, January 9, 2014

In Calm of Nature Reserve, Feeling and Fearing Christie’s Influence. by Michael Powell, Gotham

According to this New York Times article, Governor Christie of New Jersey, does play hardball, that the governor is tough when someone doesn’t endorse either him or one of his projects.

“…Somebody crosses the governor, on a matter large or small, someone displeases him, and unfortunate stuff often happens.  Last month my colleague Kate Zernike collected a baker’s dozen examples of his retributive justice.  A former governor blocked Mr. Christie on some matter and the state Police superintendent pulled his police escort.  A political scientist at Rutgers declined to endorse a Republican gerrymander of state districts, and darned if the governor’s office didn’t cut $169,000 for an institute directed by the professor.”

More examples are listed in this article, as well as a battle the governor faces on a project he backs of a pipeline though a protected area of New Jersey: “As it happens those who dust for the governor’s fingerprints have found another hardball example in southern New Jersey…”

Governor Christie plays a hardball game as governor.  Baseball pitchers throw a hardball in professional leagues.  The idiom is used to show toughness.


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