With Twitter’s IPO, Life’s a Pitch

Wall Street Journal, Saturday/Sunday, October 19-20

HEARD ON THE STREET, Financial Analysis & Commentary

With Twitter’s IPO, Life’s a Pitch, by Miriam Gottfried


The New York Times, Monday, October 28, 2013

Twitter Prepares to Feed New Hunger for I.P.O.’s, by Michael J. de la Merced and David Gelles

“…As Twitter this week begins an eight-city road show to pitch its stock sale to big institutional shareholders like Fidelity, Blackrock and Legg Mason, it will be entering one of the strongest markets for I.P.O.’s in three, years, especially in the United States.  Despite Facebook’s initial stumble in its market debut in May 2012, investors have shown a growing appetite for initial offerings, eager to take risks in hopes of big rewards when newly public companies’ stocks rise…”

One pitches a ball in games.  Here the ball to be pitched is Twitter’s stock.  For more information about the sport, baseball, and pitchers and pitching, go to http://www.sportsidioms.com, and click on “B” for baseball.



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