U. S. Congress Playing Ball

CNN: Breaking News,  14, 2013

“Mark Meadows, who represents the western part of North Carolina and has wielded his influence behind the bright lights of the television cameras and the hot microphones.

In August, while lawmakers spent time in their districts, Meadows wrote a letter to his Republican leaders suggesting they tie the dismantling of Obamacare to the bill that funds the government for the next year…

Meadows successfully convinced a reluctant Boehner to go along with his plan. And then after it became clear the Senate wasn’t going to play ball, the speaker hoped to move past the fight and pass a funding bill that would be able to pass the Senate, meaning it wouldn’t defund health care.

But Boehner’s Republican caucus, once again with Meadows in the forefront, rejected that plan.

Boehner’s now working on a plan that will appease members such as Meadows.”

Stay tuned:  What happens if the ball is dropped?



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