Kicking the Can on the Budget and U.S. Government Default

Friday, October 11, 2013

This does not come from a particular newspaper,TV or radio show, but from reading and hearing  idiomatic expressions about the lack of government initiative on pressing issues, particularly the budget and the debt crisis.

One of the terms used is “kick the can” and “kick the can down the road.”  We used to play this on one of the flat blocks in San Francisco.  The point of the game was to beat the other side by kicking the can into an improvised goal, in our case the drains at the end of the block.  Of course, one wants to win the game by getting at least one goal. One of the sentences I saw in an OP-ED stated something like “just kick the can.” in other words “do something”  If one kicks the can down the road, it usually means putting off decisions.



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