Surf’s Up, and So Is the Curtain at This Festival

The New York Times, Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Surf’s Up, and So Is the Curtain at This Festival, by Ian Lovett

“La Jolla plunges into immersive theater:

San Diego–Sitting silently in a seat was pretty much off limits at the Without Walls Festival, a weekend of theater set in, near and around La Jolla Playhouse here.

With more than 20 shows at a variety of locations, the inaugural festival, which concluded on Sunday, brought site-specific and immersive performances to the West Coast in a big (and expensive) way, taking advantage of the city’s sunny climate while signaling just how quickly this strain of theater is growing in the United States.”

Actually, the surf was up, so this really is not an idiomatic use of surfing, but as a headline it is great.  It catches the reader’s attention.  An idiomatic use might be this about a business conference and result: “The surf was up and we rode the wave.”



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