Thrown by Life’s Curveballs, A Star Missed the Signals

The New York Times, Monday, August 5, 2013

Sports Monday

Thrown by Life’s Curveballs, A Star Missed the Signals, by George Vecsy: Sports of the Times

“The singular event in the life of Alex Rodriquez is not his imminent suspension, or the career home run record that now will never happen.  The event that makes him so remote, so rudderless took place when he was 9, when his father disappeared…Many athletes, many people, grow up without a parent or two.  Some get through it.  But Rodriguez stands on the brink of the suspension that could take him out of baseball, perhaps through the 2014 season, or forever…Baseball seems to have evidence on Rodriguez, going back to his admission that he used the stuff (certain stimulants and bodybuilding drugs) from 2001 to 2003–when he was young and foolish, he later contended.”

The curveball mentioned in the title of this piece is a pitch that is difficult to hit: life’s curveballs are tough, as was Rodriguez’s loss of his father.  Catchers and coaches send signals to players, such as Rodriguez.  He missed crucial life’s signals, according to the author of this article and others.



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