Supeme Court Raises Bar For Workers

The New York Times, Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Business Day:  Supreme Court Raises Bar to Prove Job Discrimination, by Steven Greenhouse

“In two decisions issued on Monday, the Supreme Court effectively made it harder for workers to prove that they had suffered employment discrimination.

One ruling narrows the definition of what constitutes a supervisor in racial and sexual harassment cases, while the other adopts a tighter standard for workers to prove that they had faced illegal retaliation for complaining about employment discrimination.

In both cases, the rulings were decided by a 5-to-4 majority, with the dissenting justices, the court’s four most liberal members, calling on Congress to fix what they said were overly restrictive rulings.”

Raising the bar is a metaphor/sports idioms from track and field events.  To understand more, please go to and search for the idiom, or go to some recent blogs on this site to see how they are used in newspapers.



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