Slam Dunk and Now The Teardrop

On the front page of the New York Times of Thursday, May 9, 2013:

Hop and a Flick:  Floating One Over the Big Guys, by Scott Cacciola

“Miami–The slam dunk has captivated the basketball world for a generation with its combination of raw ferocity and balletic grace, but this year a different shot is sweeping the N.B.A. playoffs.

It’s called the teardrop.  And its the antidunk…The teardrop floats over defenders’ outstretched hands, arcs toward the rafters and then –especially this year–drops through the net with barely a whisper.”

The teardrop hasn’t entered the idiomatic lexicon yet, but just wait.  If you see it used in an idiomatic sense, please let us know.  Thanks.



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