Throwing Curveballs, The Supreme Court

The New York Times, Friday, March 29, 2013

Weekend Arts II

The Supreme Court, Throwing Curveballs, by Adam Liptak 

Books of the Times:  The Baseball Trust: A History of Baseball’s Antitrust Exemption, by Stuart Banner

In his book, with respect to the history of the U.S. Supreme Court’s treatment of major league baseball and its exemption from anti-trust laws, the author, Mr. Banner maintains that the decisions have been obtuse and off-the point, perhaps influenced by the awe in which professional baseball is held by the public as well as the members of the Court.  He regards the decisions as a deceptive curveball pitch as opposed to a fast ball down the middle.  The decisions dance around the issues, rather than facing them head on. 

“…Still baseball continues to enjoy immunity laws.”


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