A Slam Dunk Case

The Wall Street Journal, Saturday/Sunday, March 16-17, 2013

REVIEW: LET THEM EAT, by Ron Rosenbaum

“Listening to the doctors on cable TV, you might think that it’s better to cook up a batch of meth than cook with butter.  But eating basic, earthy, fatty foods isn’t just a supreme experience of the senses–it can actually be good for you.

…sensory satiety is our friend.  Voila!  The foods that best hit that sweet spot and ‘overwhelm the brain’ with pleasure are high-quality fatty foods.  They discourage us from overeating.  A modest serving of short ribs or Peking duck will be both deeply pleasurable and self-limiting.  As the brain swoons into insensate delight, you won’t have to gorge a still-craving cortex with mediocre sensations.  ‘Sensory-specific satiety’ makes a slam-dunk case (it’s science!) for eating reasonable servings of superbly satisfying fatty foods.”

It’s baseball season:  Two slam dunks in one issue of The Wall Street Journal and perhaps more.  A slam dunk is an easy shot in basketball as well as “sensory specific satiety” in pleasurable foods.  There are slam dunks in fashion:  See the next post.



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