Appointee to a Washington Agency is “Rowing in the Right Direction”

DealBook, The New York Times Business, Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Revolving Door in Washington With Spin, but Less Visibility, by Jesse Eisinger

This article is about changes in staffing of the S.E.C. (Security and Exchanges Commission) and the O.C.C. (Office of the Controller of the Currency), thus “the revolving door.” 

The person replacing Julie Williams, former counsel for the O.C.C., is Amy Friend.   A U. S. Senate staff member, who worked on efforts to push for stronger financial regulation, said Ms. Friend “is absolutely rowing in the right direction.”   

The author of the article “spoke with people who said she was a smart and dedicated public servant, and expert on the Dodd-Frank Act who can help complete the scandalously long list of unfinished rules and expedite its adoption.” 

The sport of rowing in shells has been going on for decades.  Just yesterday I saw a high school “eights” practice on a course near San Francisco Bay.  They were steaming.  The Redwood High School teams have been winning titles for years.  We have seen persons in single and double scull shells on the Bay.



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