The G.O.P. Scored a Touchdown In The Third Quarter, But Lost the Game

The New York Times Magazine, February 17, 2013

THE LATE ADOPTERS: Can Young, Tech-Savvy Republicans Overthrow Their Party’s Disconnected Old Guard?

by Richard Draper

…”Back in August 2011, (Bert) Jacobson wrote an op-ed (opinion editorial) in Forbes alerting Republicans to Obama’s lead in the digital front.  His warnings were disregarded…”

“Equally galling to younger Republicans was the op-ed Stuart Stevens wrote in The Washington Post on Nov.28.  In it, Romney’s top strategist struck an unrepentant tone, proudly noting that the candidate ‘carried the majority of middle-class voters’ and that therefore ‘must be doing something right.’  From her office near the Capitol, Kristen Soltis Anderson, a 28 year-old G.O.P. pollster, tried not to come unglued. ‘But you didn’t win the election,’ she told me she thought at the time.  ‘I’m really glad you scored that touchdown in the third quarter, I am–but you lost the game!”


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