Has Obama Overplayed His Hand?

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, Saturday/Sunday, January 19-20, 2013

His Terms are Always Hostile Ones 

DECLARATIONS, by Peggy Noonan

“No one has good faith but Obama.  Doesn’t this get boring, even to him?”  

Miss Noonan is not happy with the president as she think he is not “being large spirited” before the presidential inauguration, that he is showing “the depth of his disdain for the leaders of the other major party (the Republicans) and, by inference, that party’s voters, which is to say half of the country…”

“Maybe the president doesn’t operate with as much good faith as he thinks, and maybe the other side isn’t as bad as he pretends.  As I watched his news conference and his gun-control remarks, I thought, for the first time in a while, that the Republicans are finally getting a break. 

He is overplaying his hand. He does that. He’s doing it again.”

Miss Noonan is using a card game metaphor/idiom.  The president is not only playing his cards in the game of politics, but “overplaying” it. Sometimes an extra card can put one “over the top” in a game such as “21.”



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