Afghan Soldier’s Journey to Killer of Americans

The New York Times, Friday, January 4, 2013, by Matthew Rosenberg

A Shooting Followed By Taliban Embrace

Kabul, Afghanistan

A young Afghan soldier, named Mahmood, 22, his hatred so all consuming reached out to the Taliban to say he wanted to “shoot Americans” when he next visited the outpost where he was based in northeastern Afghanistan. 

This he did on the morning of May 11, “when he opened fire on American trainers who had gone to the outpost in the mountains of Kunar Province.  One American was killed and two others wounded.”  Mahmood escaped and joined the Taliban. 

“Such insider attacks, by Afghan security forces on their Western allies, became ‘the signature violence of 2012,’ in the words of one former American official.”  American officials are worried about the disruptive effects on the training mission that is the ore of the American withdrawal plan for 2014.”

‘It’s a game changer on all levels,’ said First Sgt. Joseph Hissong, an American who helped fight off an insider attack by Afghan soldiers that left two men in his unit dead.”



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