Washington Politicians Who Know How to Play Ball

THE NEW YORK TIMES SPORTS, Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Washington Politicians Who Know How to Play Ball, by Hillel Kuttleer

BALTIMORE:  “Former professional athletes who were members of Congress in 1987 included, from left (in picture) Jack Kemp, Jum Bunning, Morris Udall, Bill Bradley, and Tom McMillan.”

Mr. McMillan, who represented the Maryland Fourth Congressional District in the House of Representatives had this advice for candidates in the elections Tuesday: “shake every hand.”

According to the article: “The Capitol’s athletic ranks have since thinned.”  However, two  are in office now:  Representative Jon Runyan, of New Jersey who was an offensive lineman in the N.F.L. (The National Football League) and Representative Heath Shuler, of North Carolina who was a quarterback.  Representative Shuler is retiring from his seat, but Representative Runyan was campaigning for another term this year.  “Meanwhile, politics occasionally delivers its own curveballs.”  

As New Jersey was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, many campaign events were canceled.  However, Representative Runyan won his reelection.”



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