Making A Last Pitch In The Home Stretch


Saturday/Sunday 3-4, 2012

Making a Last Pitch in the Home Stretch

“Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama both hit Ohio, a key battleground state, Friday.  Mr. Romney spoke in Etna;  Mr. Obama in Hillard.” (Pictures of Governor Romney and President Barack Obama)

Home stretch is used particularly in the sport of horse racing and, certainly, in long distance running, but is used idiomatically in lots of instances, for example, “This election is in the home stretch; there are only a few days left in the race.”   

“A last pitch” in the above headline refers to the contestants last efforts in the 2012 presidential contest.  Although, this is an idiom related to games in which a pitcher pitches a ball to a batter, it is used so often in a metaphorical sense that one almost loses sight of the original sense.  

For more sentences using these metaphors go to



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