An All-New Game

Washington Post Magazine: W, October 28, 2012 

AN ALL-NEW GAME, by Rick Maese, p.14

“Jimmy Farris was a Redskin with no political experience, and he had voted only once.  Now he’s running for Congress.”

“THE RUN OF HIS LIFE:  Jimmy Farris has left the football field.  Now, he’s running for Congress.  Will he fumble?”

This is  great metaphorical usage of American football terms. Farris played wide receiver at the University of Montana, and later “spent six seasons in the NFL (National Football League), including two with the Washington Redskins.”  He was a wide receiver, so he certainly did some running as a football player, and now is “running” for the U.S. Congress from Idaho. It is”an all new-game.”   

The question:  “Will he fumble?”  Will he drop the ball?  He may, but according to the article, Jimmy Farris is determined and a hard worker.  If he fumbles or drops the ball, he probably will continue.


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