The Game: Saturday/Sunday Wall Street Journal

A few headlines in WSJ (The Wall Street Journal) of last weekend:  Saturday/Sunday, September 22-23, 2012

On the “CAMPAIGN JOURNAL PAGE:”  Debates Already Take Center Stage,  by Laura Meckler

Obama Team talks Up Romney’s Prowess, while Challenge’s Campaign Looks for a Game Change

There are two idioms in these headlines:  Center Stage and Game Change, the first a theater metaphor for being the actor in the center.  In this case it refers to presidential debates.  The second refers to Governor Romney and advisors hope for “the debates to shake up the race,” or a “game change.”

On the U.S. NEWS page:  “Seniors Are Cool to Ryan’s Pitch,” by Colleen McCain Nelson

Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan spoke to a group of retirees in New Orleans about revising Medicare and repealing the “president’s health-care law.”  According to this article, the group of senior citizens were “cool” to Mr. Ryan.  They did not like his “pitch” or argument.  It is baseball season and in that sense Mr. Ryan was the pitcher, but his pitch or pitches did not go over center plate.  I guess he got a walk.



A Suburban Mother Who Worried That Golf was ‘Dad’s Thing’ Gets a Surprising Education

In this article the mother learns how to play golf rather successfully with her family.   “Game” here refers to an actual sports game, the game of golf.


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