Romney and Ryan: A Hail Mary Pass? A Wildcat Formation?

The New Yorker, August 27, 2012

THE TALK OF THE TOWN,  by John Cassidy


“…Until Romney picked (Paul) Ryan, the rationale for his candidacy had been that he was a practical businessman who could appeal to independents and get the economy moving.  Now Romney has tethered himself to a conservative ideologue who serves in an institution, the house of Representatives, that, according to the latest Gallup poll, has an approval rating of ten percent.  Such an abrupt reversal smacks of desperation.  Not a Hail Mary pass, exactly, but akin to a struggling N.F.L. (National Football League) team that suddenly decides to adopt the wildcat formation and rely on fakery…”

“Ultimately, the Convention is about him (Romney), not about Ryan.  But, in seeking to win over the American people, he is going to have to explain his choice of running mate and answer a fundamental question that has plagued him from the beginning:  Who is Mitt Romney?”

 A Hail Mary pass is a desperation pass, usually at the end of the game, and as this isn’t the end of the election game, the pairing of Mr. Ryan and Governor Romney isn’t quite this, but a wildcat formation, when many in the electorate,  the Democrats, and certainly the writer of the article, are not sure where this partnership is going.

Who is the quarterback and who the running back?

The Wildcat offense is a formation often used to capitalize on mismatches created by the shifting of skill players. In the Wildcat formation, the quarterback is generally replaced in the backfield by a running back who takes a direct snap from the center.  This is designed for confusion.


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