Koufax’s Roundball Once Trumped His Fastball

The New York Times, Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Koufax’s Roundball Once Trumped His Fastball, by Richard Sandomir

“Sandy Koufax’s sports odyssey took him from a muscular, leaping center for the Lafayette High School basketball team in Brooklyn Dodgers to the Hall of Fame as one of the most dynamic pitchers in baseball history.  

His path from basketball to baseball was the reverse of Brooklyn’s better known but tortured major league history: losing the Dodgers (baseball team) in 1957 and, 55 years later, gaining the Nets (basketball team), whose first season in the borough is to start Nov.1.

Regardless, Koufax now stands as a link between the two sports.  He is, after all, a Brooklyn icon, and the fact that he was a talented basketball player first seems a fitting precursor to the Nets arrival.”  

The roundball in the title of this article refers to a basketball.  At one time in Koufax’s life basketball was more important; at that time it trumped baseball and his fastball.  

Trumps in card games, such as bridge, can take or win cards of other suits because they are designated more important.



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