Riding China’s Ad Wave

 More waves: surf’s up

The New York Times, Monday, July 23, 2012

 Business Day: Riding China’s Ad Wave

 As Fashion Magazines Thrive, U. S. Publisher’s Tolerate Censors, by Christine Haughney and Jonathan Landreth

 BEIJING–“Zena Hao, a 24 year-old publicist, avid follower of fashion trends and proud owner of four Prada handbags, has a new passion: fashion magazines…Ms. Hao’s enthusiasm for fashion magazines thick with advertisements for Louis Vuitton handbags and Chanel lipsticks are a welcome source of revenue for magazine publishers based in New York.  While fashion magazines are spending more on magazine advertising in the United States, they’re pouring even more money into magazines across mainland China.  

Publishers willing to contend with censorship, relationships with local business partners and low-level corruption common in many Chinese businesses are being rewarded so far.”

 According to this article, “advertising spending for women’s consumer magazines jumped 16.9 percent through June 1, even when demand to advertise in technology and business magazines slowed.”  This is true even though magazine advertising gets a smaller percentage of advertising than other media, such as television.  

 This market may change if China’s economy slows, “But for now, as long as their stories of movie stars and fashion trends steer clear of censors, the magazine industry is enjoying the profits.” 

And riding the wave of consumerism.  For more on surfing and surfing metaphors, please go to the site, http://www.sportsidoms.com.



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