The Count: Pitchmen for the One-Percent Crowd

The Wall Street Journal, July 5, 2012:  SPORTS

The Count:  Pitchmen for the One-Percent Crowd, by Stu Wu

This was written about a week ago during Wimbledon tennis before Roger Federer won the Men’s Singles Title at Wimbledon, raising him to number one in tennis in the world.  However, it is still a good article to highlight how sports metaphors “play” in newspaper headlines.  The idea of the article is that the top tennis players’ endorse “ridiculously expensive stuff.” 

“Tennis is considered a sport of the moneyed, and you’d need a lot to afford what Djokovic (at the time of the article, number one) pitches.”  Among his sponsors are Piguet, whose priciest timepiece is $1.3 million, and a Learjet costing $68.9 million. Roger Federer is a “spokesman for Rolex and Mercedes-Benz.”  Andy Murray has a deal with Jaguar, and Rafael Nadal has lend his name to a Richard Mille watch that costs. $590,000.  The article states, also, that Djokovic and Nadal also have deals with lower priced merchandise.

I really like this title.  It’s very clever using sports metaphors for tennis derived from other sports such as baseball.    The count refers to strikes and balls in baseball, and the pitchmen baseball players.


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