Full House: $1 Million Hold ‘Em Ante

The Wall Street Journal, Saturday/Sunday June 30-July 1, 2012

Business & Finance:  Full House: $1 Million Hold ‘Em Ante, by Alexandra Berzon

“Full House:  Poker Tournament’s Ante Lure’s Investors”

This Sunday “at least 24 professional poker players and 22 amateurs put up $1 million apiece for the chance to win millions in The Big One for One Drop tournament.  The buy-in is four times the previous record for a poker tournament.”  

This is really not used in a metaphorical or idiomatic sense in this article, as ante, an initial bid, is used in poker.  Ante can be used idiomatically in a business transaction when someone puts an offer on a table for a product or for a particular business they want.  “They anted up, so now it is imperative to make an offer.”



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