Sandusky Trial: “McQueary Was a Slam Dunk”

The Wall Street Journal, Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Tears and Anger at Sandusky Trial, by Kris Maher and John W. Miller

Bellefonte, Pa.—“Two prosecution witnesses in the Jerry Sandusky trial Tuesday gave detailed accounts of the former Pennsylvania State University assistant football coach’s alleged sexual encounters with boys…”

Mike McQueary, a Penn State assistant football coach was one of the witnesses.  He described a scene in one of the university’s showers he had seen in February of 2001 in which Mr. Sandusky “had sex with a minor, a boy.”   

“Wes Oliver, a professor at Widener Law School in Harrisburg who watched the trial, said it was another strong day for the prosecution.  ‘McQueary was a slam dunk,’  he said.”

Sports idioms often occur, not only because the metaphor is a good way to make a point, but because of the publicity and viewing of that particular sport in the media, in this case basketball.  The NBA (National Basketball Association) playoffs have begun.  A “slam dunk”  is an easy shot.



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