The European Commission Puts the Ball into Google’s Court

The Economist, May 26th 2012

Google and antitrust

Over to you, and hurry:   The European Commission puts the ball into Google’s court

“Eighteen months ago Mr. Alumunia, the European Union’s competition commissioner, began a formal investigation.  Several times a decision has seemed imminent.  On May 21st Mr Aluminia said he wanted to get a move on. ‘I believe’, he said, ‘that these fast-moving markets would particularly benefit from a quick resolution.’

Mr. Almunia did not present a formal case (a ‘statement of objections’ in Europespeak), but offered Google a chance to settle.  He has four main ares of concern, and wants the company to propose remedies to each ‘in a matter of weeks’.  If he is not satisfied, the formalities will resume.  Then he will impose his own answers and maybe a fine, too.”  

The French Open is going on as I write this.  Sports idioms in the news seem to reflect current sports that are popular at the time.



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