Pettitte Throws Prosecutors a Curve

The Wall Street Journal, Thursday, May 3, 2012


Pettitte Throws Prosecutors a Curve, by Devlin Barrett

Washington–“Andy Pettitte on Wednesday backed away from his testimony against former baseball teammate Roger Clemens, leaving a judge to consider whether a central plank of the case against Mr. Clemens should be removed from the jury’s cosideration.”

Roger Clemens, Major League pitcher for the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, among others, is on trial “for allegedly lying to Congress about using performance enhancing  drugs.”  On Tuesday Mr. Pettitte “testified that Roger Clemens said he used growth hormone.”   On Wednesday, Mr. Pettitte threw a curve by saying he “wasn’t sure.”

I italicize sports metaphors to emphasize them, as this is a sports idioms site, and, also, to show their metaphorical use.  This is a great use of a baseball term in an article about a famous baseball pitcher, Roger Clemens, and in baseball season.   A curve ball is deceptive; it curves and drops at the last minute throwing the batter off.



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