Econonomic Decline Trumped Harvard Planning

Harvard Magazine, March/April 2012

John Harvard’s Journal

A Long Way from Longwood

In a profile of Joseph B. Martin, current Leffler professor of neurobiology, and former dean of Harvard Medical School at the Longwood Campus in Boston, and, also, the author of a memoir, Alfalfa to Ivy, Dr. Martin speaks about the impact of the University Planning Committee on Science and Engineering (HUSEC) on the Medical School’s planned initiatives.  HUSEC is an interfaculty committee, which two University President had charged with forging “meaningful scientific collaborations across the individual disciplines and schools of a University long-known for the independence of its departments and Schools.” (from Harvard’s current president, Drew Faust.)

“Although the Allston Science Campus is currently a reality, according to a Google search by me, Dr. Martin states: “The economic disasters that have ensued (including the 2007-8 financial crisis and the resulting sharp decline in the endowment’s value) came to trump any such ambition under Harvard’s new administration.  And so, in the spring of 2011, the Allston initiative was put on ice and the building for the first science Quad was on hold…  The stem-cell institute headed for relocation into the northwest corner of the Harvard campus, as far from the medical school and its hospitals as it could possibly be.  The initiative on bioengineering is located in a space at the medical school on the Longwood campus, a good location for those of us here in the medical world, but, once again, keeping separate the activities that Larry Summers, President of Harvard) hoped would integrate our communities across the university.”

The economic crisis trumps again.



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