Has Competition Trumped Value-Creation?

The New York Times, Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The Creative Monopoly, by David Brooks

“…Competition has trumped value-creation.  In this and other ways, the competitive arena undermines innovation.

You know somebody has been sucked into the competitive myopia when they start using sports or war metaphors.  Sports and war are competitive enterprises.  If somebody hits three home runs (baseball) against you in the top of the inning, your job is to go hit four home runs in the bottom of the inning.

But business, politics, intellectual life and most other realms are not like that.”  They may be competitive, but there is always the option to invent a different game, to be creative.

“Everybody worries about American competitiveness.  That may be the wrong problem.  The future of the company will probably be determined by how well Americans can succeed at being monopolists.”

A trump in a bridge hand is powerful and almost always wins unless a competitor has a higher trump.  So competition almost always wins over “value-creation”, but not always.


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