“Game On”: The U.S. Election For President

The Economist, April 14, 2012


The campaign looks likely to sharpen America’s divisions

Mitt Romney looks like the Republican nominee for president, but is behind President Obama in the “head-to-head” polls.  However, there are still seven months to the election and, according to the article, Mr. Romney has “a fair chance of victory in November.  Less than half of America’s voters approve of the way Mr. Obama is doing his job.  Six out of ten think the country is on the ‘wrong track.”

This article goes on to discuss the problems both men will have, including Mr. Romney’s shift to the right and for Mr.Obama, “The second time is harder.”  Also, that “This is not politics as usual,” as “the system is already dangerously close to seizing up.”

So, game on for all.  It will be interesting to watch the process.  The Chinese have proverbs about “interesting times.”




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