Can Romney Dodge and Feint In the Republican Primary Contest?

The New Yorker, March 19, 2012:  THE CRITICS: MONEY POL, by Louis Menand

Lessons of Mitt Romney’s Business Career”

The question posed in this article is whether Mitt Romney is still the moderate Republican business man whose views “place the candidate at some distance from Tea Party and other conservative anti-government groups–the kind of people most likely to vote in a Republican primary.”  

In “No Apology: The Case for American Greatness”, Romney’s campaign book of 2010, Romney “supports antitrust laws, occupational health and safety regulations, equal-opportunity-employment requirements and mandatory unemployment insurance (and) he places some of the blame for the melt-down in the credit markets on a failure of government oversight.”…  He believes in “painstaking analysis: the consultant who crunches a mountain of numbers…”   And that an “analogy might be to the statistical revolution in baseball–the ‘moneyball’ approach…the power of conceptually driven data analysis.”

The author, Louis Menand, concludes with:  “If Romney can dodge and feint his way past all his strange opponents, and discreetly shed some of the culture war rhetoric he is finding himself obliged to mouth…he might arrive in November looking like a plausible candidate of the enter, which is the way all Presidential cndidates aspire to look.”  

Prizefighters dodge and feint their opponents trying to win a match.  



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